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One of the best ways to support us and show people who

we are is through a financial contribution. The

Alvarado Project National Tour Fund helps create

access to audiences across the nation. Your

contribution will help the Alvarado Project present a

national exhibition tour that will premiere at the

Smithsonian’s National Museum of Amercian History. A

donation from your organization helps the underserved

and underrepresented Filipino American community gain

recognition and visibility in your community.

By bringing this exhibit and other public programming

to your local communities, The Alvarado Project

National Tour Fund seeks to inform and educate people

about the important cultural and social roles of

Filipinos in America. This can be made possible

by your tax-deductible contributions and making

it known in your community. To help provide

support and money, contributions can be made to the:

The Alvarado Project, earmarked National Tour.

HELP NOW and make a contribution by visiting Contributions may be sent

to: c/o: Professor Albert A. Acena,

P.O. Box 253, San Mateo, CA 94401.

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The Alvarado ProjectNational Tour


Please help the Alvarado project launch a national

tour of the exhibition, “Through My Father’s Eyes”.

We are able to accept any amount, individual donations

or collections. Because of the cost and logistical

concerns, we recommend that you support us by donating

as soon as possible.

If you would like to discuss this type of donation,

please contact us at:    

PRESS RELEASE-SEPTEMBER 2008: NEW AMERICANS MUSEUM, SAN DIEGO FEATURES FILIPINO AMERICAN EXHIBIT..."We are proud to present this moving collection," said Executive Director Gayle Hom. "It is a worthy tribute to our Filipino population."
PRESS RELEASE: OCTOBER 2007 “Through My Father’s Eyes: The Filipino American Photographs of Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado (1914-1976)” to commemorate Filipino American history month
"With eyes all American"-Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado's pictures of Filipinos in the U.S. capture an enduring story. HOLLY MYERS - Special to The Times
KSW Co-sponsors the Alvarado Project

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